Grand Luxe Limo, Inc.

Grand Luxe Limo Loyalty Rewards Program

Grand Luxe Limo, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with the best safety, value, and transportation experience possible, and it is for this reason that we go the extra mile for you. Introducing the Grand Luxe Limo Loyalty Rewards Program. The best Limo Loyalty Rewards Program in Chicago, IL. Earn 10% OFF your first completed trip when you Register by calling (312) 525-9644, or go Online at and reserve your trip Online.

 These Discounts apply to First - Time Customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Earn 2% of the Fare Cost on each trip to be applied to your next trip or to be accumulated for any future completed trips as you desire. Earn 10% when you refer family, friends, coworkers or anyone else once they complete their first trip with us.

Loyalty Rewards Summarized:

  • 10% OFF First-Time Customer Register/Reserve Online
  • (Enter.........10..........on Reservation Page
  • 2% Earned off last completed trip for future trip or accumulate rewards for future trip or trips as you desire
  • 10% OFF when you refer your family, friends, or coworkers, anyone you know plus they receive First-Time Customer Discount stated above

All Grand Luxe Limo Rewards are calculated and earned on Base Fare only. There is no minimum amount or maximum amount that must be achieved and no Blackout Dates. 10% First-Time Customer discount can only be earned and applied for individual one time reservation trip.  There is no Cash Back Value to the client or customer, only rewards earned to be deducted off completed fares.The Grand Luxe Limo program can be modified, changed, cancelled at any time by Grand Luxe Limo, Inc. only. No worries, you will not loose Earned Rewards if The Grand Luxe Limo Loyalty Rewards Program is cancelled or changed. Rewards and Discounts not available for groups or corporate events.